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Honey Bar Soap

Honey Bar Soap

Honey Bar Soap Mint Julep...$6.00
Honey Bar Soap Combination Package...$23.50
Honey Bar Soap Sweet Baby ...$6.00
Honey Bar Soap Orange Bloss...$6.00
Honey Bar Soap Clementine...$6.00

Our honey bar soaps are handmade in Savannah using Savannah Bee Company honey, olive and jojoba oils, and all-natural fragrances. These soaps contain no harsh detergents and no parabens to damage skin. Our bar soaps come in four "Southern scents," Orange Blossom, Clementine, Tupelo Sweet Baby or Mint Julep. Can't decide on which one to try? Get them all in our Honey Bar Soap combination set! All of our Honey Bar Soaps are and Savannah Bee Company retail store exclusives!