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Sourwood Honey

Sourwood Honey

Sourwood Honey Mini Pair - Two 3oz. Jars...$12.00
Sourwood Honey 20 oz....$23.85

Sourwood trees blossom late in June through August and need generous sunshine and rain to produce enough flowers to yield a honey crop, so this Southern Appalachian favorite is only available in "vintage" years. This award-winning honey is big and complex with hints of maple and spice. Sourwood Honey boasts huge flavor and it's bright enough for basting grilled chicken or pork tenderloin. For a real Southern treat, drizzle some warm Sourwood Honey on a big ol' stack of flapjacks! KSA Kosher Certified.

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Appalachian Mountains is home to pure Sourwood Honey
Sourwood Honey won the 2005 World Honey Tasting Competition for its flavors of molasses, maple, and mocha.
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Sourwood Honey sometimes has a slight purple tint! And sourwood trees are also called "Lily of the Valley Trees" because of their blossom's similar appearance.