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Palmetto Honey

Palmetto Honey

Palmetto Honey 12 oz. jar 1.5...$15.00
Palmetto Honey Mini Pair - 2, 3oz jars...$12.00

The Savannah Bee Company is proud to represent the great state of South Carolina with our Palmetto Honey. The Sabal Palmetto was added to the South Carolina state flag in 1861 as a symbol of the palmetto-log fort that withstood an attack from the British fleet in 1776. The Sabal Palmetto was adopted as the South Carolina state tree in 1939.

In tribute to the Sabal Palmetto and the state of South Carolina, we are proud to bring you our delicious Palmetto Honey! This rich golden honey is sweet and smooth with  subtle smoky notes. Palmetto Honey is the perfect sweetener for the South's signature drink, Sweet Tea. Also, may we suggest a spoonful atop a piping hot buttermilk biscuit!

Locally sourced, locally sweet! Palmetto Honey is packed full of antioxidants and minerals! KSA certified and always gluten free.

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