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Napa Shaving Soap Mug/Brush

Napa Shaving Soap Mug/Brush

Napa Shaving Soap Kit Mug/Brush Cool-Mint...$44.95
Napa Shaving Soap Mug/Brush Lavender Ced...$44.95
Napa Shaving Soap Mug/Brush Honey Jar ...$44.95

Soothing French clay, grapeseed oil, and honey go into the all-natural soap in this handsome shaving mug gift set brought to you by the Napa Soap Company. The ceramic mug has a lid and is filled with one of three fantastic and emollient scented shaving soaps. Honey Jar is for the mild-mannered boy-next-door type (think Tobey Maguire or Matthew Broderick). Lavender Cedar is the choice of the wild and rugged lover of the outdoors (maybe Clint Eastwood or John Wayne). Finally, Cool-Mint is for the smooth and incredibly dapper man (definitely James Bond -- all of them). This kit delivers a perfect, eco-friendly shave for every type of man! All-natural bristle shaving brush included.