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Grill Honey

Grill Honey

Grill Honey 80 oz...$70.00
Grill Honey Mini Pair - Two, 3oz Jars...$11.00
Grill Honey 12 oz....$12.00

Savannah Bee Company Grill Honey is specially selected, 100% pure varietal honey robust enough to stand up under fire. Add distinctive flavor to a marinade or crisply caramelize seafood, meat, and poultry on the grill. Smoky sweetness for basting and marinating, it pairs beautifully with vegetable kabobs or maple-planked wild salmon. The aroma from your backyard BEE-B-QUE will amaze you. KSA Kosher Certified.

Add the distinctive flavor of maple or cedar with our Savannah Bee Grill Planks.
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A Perfect Pairing for Your Bar-B-Que!
Check out the special edition Savannah Bee Grill Planks from the kitchen of Gena Knox. Add finger licking hints of smoked maple or cedar to your next back yard get-together! Savannah Bee Grill Planks
Check Out Our Crate and Pump for the 80oz. Grill Honey
A Perfect Grilling Tool
Honey Citrus Wild Salmon