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God Save The Queen Men's T-Shirt

God Save The Queen Men's T-Shirt

Small T-Shirt...$20.00
Medium T-Shirt...$20.00
Large T-Shirt...$20.00
God Save The Queen Mens...$0.00

Savannah Bee Company is proud to offer the "God Save the Queen" T-shirt. We designed this shirt to help bring awareness to the global epidemic of colony collapse disorder, the inexplicable decline in honey bee populations.

Earlier this spring the USDA released a report stating its fears that the U.S. does not have enough honey bees to pollinate crops, meaning that our nation's food supply could be at risk!

Our "God Save the Queen" T-shirt is your opportunity to begin a conversation about this very serious issue. Let your voice be heard, spread the word! We must work together to bring awareness to this alarming issue.

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