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Gift Pouch with salve

Gift Pouch with salve

Gift Pouch all balms...$13.00
Gift Pouch all tints...$14.00
Gift Pouch with salve...$13.75
Gift Pouch with honey...$9.25

A perfect pairing for any cheese lover! Savannah Bee has partnered with Savannah's world famous Byrd's Cookie Company to bring you this incredible sweet and savory gift set. We have included a beautiful summer ornament stuffed full of Byrd's irresistible Low Country Cheddar Pecan Biscuits, coupled with a 12 oz jar of our 100% pure Star Thistle Cheese Honey. Delight your senses by covering this crispy, savory biscuit with a dollop of our wonderfully bright Cheese honey!

This set comes elegantly packaged and ready to give. Each set includes a hand painted "Savannah Scenes" summer ornament. This ornament features a Low Country Cabbage Palm Tree on one side (pictured above) and a map of Savannah Coastal Waterways on the other side. Each ornament is filled with 2.0 oz of Byrd's delicious Low Country Cheddar Biscuits.