Ted’s Blog! June 6, 2011

Hello Savannah Bee Fans,
This month has been pretty good. I only say pretty good because for the last few weeks my head has been in front of a computer, organizing finances and numbers for SBC. Not fun at all, but part of the small biz responsibilities I suppose. That stuff is pretty lame and has unfortunately taken up quite a bit of my time, so we’re not going to keep talking about it. On to the fun stuff:

We’ve had Tupelo honey being delivered to us almost weekly. It sounds like a lot of honey, but the truth of the matter is we always need more. Our usual Tupelo delivery man that you hear so much about is Joe, but last week his brother Leland made the 16-hour round trip to see us. We’re also trying to track down some Acacia, but don’t get your hopes too high. The prices for Acacia are about $4 a pound right now. This is the email we got from Santiago in Italy goes like this:

“About acacia i have bad news since crop arrived 2 weeks in advance and beekeepers did not have the beehives ready so they lost a big amount of nectar. In Rumania where we open a new operation also crop was bad due to flower freezing so unfortunately we are facing other year with shortage. We will see what happen with Hungary, maybe there we are lucky.”
Warm regards,

We received this 2nd email from him today (6/5):

Dear Ted,
I hope you are doing well. I check Orange blossom prices in Italy and nothing is below 4,2 euro fob so we should quote you around 4,30 euro cfr. For the Acacia we should talk about 5,6 euro. I know exchange rate do not help but please let me know if still interested.
Warm regards,

So. It’s not looking too good y’all. We are jumping through hoops to get the best honey out there and are having a bit of a time getting it done.
We did have a honeycomb delivery last week though! We threw a photo of the Davis’ (both of them are named that) up on Facebook, holding their honeycombs. The honey was delicious and so much lighter colored than usual. We’ve got Mae and Liz in the back cleaning and cutting comb as fast as possible. The honeycomb is looking a bit like the Tupelo though- as in looking like we could always use more.
I just got in new hand soap samples today. They are sitting on my desk as I type. We want to get this done so soon; you just have no idea how anxious everyone is around here to see these soaps back on our shelves. We know our customers feel the same way, if not stronger. We are also looking to receive our Royal Jelly Body Butter, Beeswax Hand Cream Tubes, and 12oz. No-Drip Honey Pumps back in stock in mid-July.

Does it sound like we’re running on empty over here? We’re on a wing and a prayer.

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