Ted’s Blog! July 27, 2011

Hey y’all. I hope everyone’s summer is going well so far. It has been getting hot as hell in Savannah. We’ve got sunflowers and zinnias blooming in our postage stamp of a grass lot in front of our warehouse on the island and some pretty good storms coming through every couple of days. One of the last storms we had knocked down a tree in our side bee garden. It was kind of amazing- the tree missed the building, all the bee boxes, most of our plants and landed right on the fence.  And the fence is fine. This past week, we had our yard guy Pete suit up in bee clothes and cut the tree apart. (Stings?) (Photo from your phone)

I always say that we’ve been busy around and the truth is that we really are. That always occurs to me when I sit down to write this thing. July has just evaporated in the craziness of tradeshows in Atlanta and Washington D.C and this past June we prepped for the show by setting up most of the booth to scale in our warehouse. The good news is that we won a huge food award while in DC for our Tupelo Flute! It is now a sofi Gold Winner- the 2011 Outstanding Classic

We are also working on knocking out some new product labels. Our beloved blackberry and tupelo hand soap is soon to be available. Also, we have started a new honey line based on locale- a Charleston and Savannah honey is coming soon! I love this new line and the labels look great.

We got some pretty big shipments of honey and honeycomb in! As Suzi, our warehouse manager, put it yesterday “We’re up to our eyeballs in honeycomb.” Make sure you get some of that honeycomb for yourself before everyone else does. Same goes for the Tupelo honey.

Last month I did a little video of me cooking my honey-glazed salmon out at my house. It’s a little on the long side and I can hardly stand to watch myself on video, but if you think you’d like to know how I make honey-glazed salmon, feel free to watch. We also have the recipe (link) on our website!

Lots of new stuff as well as some of our old stuff became available recently. Our Royal Jelly Body Butter is back and better than ever. Thanks for everyones patience while we reformulated yet again.

Also, some big changes in our worker bee status. Old Kate has assumed the managed position at our Charleston store. She has moved up to Charleston already and loves it! New Kate has come on board and is training here at the warehouse showroom.

Old Kate is off to Charleston!

New Kate!


Lisa has officially assumed the Savannah Bee Retail Director role. She is super talented and we are looking forward to great things as she keeps our four stores steadily improving.


Kristy has come on board and is managing the body care side of the company as well as restructuring our sales department.

In the back of the warehouse, we’ve added a second shift so we can keep production of the honey bottling up with our increasing demand. Welcome Michael and John!



It’s all downhill now as we speed toward the holiday season and the end of the year. We do about half of our sales in the last four months of the year and it just gets crazy busy.

Stay cool out there-

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