Sister City Honey Challenge and Video

Last year Savannah Bee released two fantastic regional honeys, the Savannah Honey and the Charleston Honey. The idea was to capture the flavor of each great Southern city in the form of Honey. Our guess was that the unique floral presentation of each city would deliver a unique flavor to the respective honeys. Well, we were right! Although both of these honeys are delicious, they are also very different in both color and flavor.

As Savannah and Charleston have always enjoyed a friendly rivalry, we decided to stage a good-natured, hometown competition. During Savannah’s St. Patty’s celebration we set up a tasting booth asking people from all over the world to decide which of these two honeys they preferred. Participants sampled each of the two honeys without knowing the variety they were tasting. Then they simply decided upon their favorite, A or B. Below you can view the results of this taste challenge. If we have piqued your interest, check out our great Coastal Combo Honey Set!

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