October 14, 2010

Hi everyone,

The weather is finally starting to cool off here in Savannah, but business around here is still hotter than ever. We have just finished a huge retail event with RuLaLa, an online shopping website that contacted us a few months back about getting our awesome honey and body care on their site. It was really successful and we are thankful for all of our new Savannah Bee fans!

For months now, we’ve been sold out of our body care best seller- the Royal Jelly Body Butter. Since I started working with honey, I always knew that I wanted to do body lotions and creams. I knew from the beginning that honey was good for your skin. I was always covered in it, especially my hands. The more I studied bees, the more I learned about beeswax and royal jelly. I studied the old ways of making body care and candles, before petroleum was an option. Beeswax is such a stable, healthier, cleaner option to use in body care. Royal jelly is chock full of vitamins and good for you whether it goes in your mouth or on your skin. We started our body care line using recipes for lotions, creams, and lip products that were as natural as possible and now we’re making them even better. I want to be the first to tell you that the Royal Jelly Body Butter is back and better than ever!

All-Natural Royal Jelly Body Butter

All-Natural Royal Jelly Body Butter

One of the things we are most excited about is that the Royal Jelly Body Butter now meets the Whole Foods Premium Body Care Quality Standard, one of the toughest in the industry. Body care industry regulations can be pretty relaxed about revealing ingredients and being honest about their side effects. When we say Savannah Bee products are natural and organic, you can be sure that they are. What goes on your body eventually goes IN your body and we’ve made sure that what feels good to your skin doesn’t harm what is on the inside. Lastly, we wanted to be sure that our products wouldn’t have a harmful effect on the environment.

In order to meet the Whole Foods standard we had to make a few changes to our formula for the Royal Jelly Body Butter . Let me assure you that while you may notice very slight differences, the things you love most about the product;the smell, texture and effectiveness are the same. The incredible blackberry scent and amazing moisture that comes from such a luxurious cream is all there in that signature red box. Have a great October,

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