November 11, 2010

Hello all! I hope everyone has enjoyed their transition into fall. With the weather getting cooler everywhere BUT Savannah, I wanted to take a moment to spotlight a few of our favorite cool weather honeys.

We found out this summer that Tea Honey is perfect in summertime lemonades and big pitchers of sweet tea. Now that the temperatures are dropping and snow is even falling- Tea Honey finds itself back in its original position- the perfect sweetener for a cup of hot tea.

Speaking of special honeys for the cooler weather, the new Winter White Honey just arrived and it is beautiful. White as can be and absolutely delicious. I enjoyed some this morning with my 4 kids. We spread it on warm biscuits and when we are done we can’t resist licking every little bit off of our fingers! Winter White Honey comes from tiny wildflowers that bloom in the mountains of Idaho. The creamy texture and tiny crystals that pop and melt when they hit your tongue make this honey a perennial favorite among Savannah Bee customers. We can only ship it when the weather is cool so it is truly a long anticipated special treat when the seasons change.

With the cooler weather comes the holidays! We have been in full-steam production mode in our warehouse, anticipating and hoping for big sales this month and in December. We have multiple honeys being poured in the warehouse every day and fresh Raw Honeycomb being hand cut and boxed- ready to be set out on a holiday platter as an impressive appetizer. We also have a great Honey Recipes section of the website- find out all the different way we love to use honey. Be sure to add Savannah Bee to your gift and wish list!


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