Growing Up With Honeybees

Ted Badge Photo

Beekeeper and Founder of Savannah Bee Ted Dennard

Well, you might say that I love honeybees. I have basically grown up with them.  Now my adulthood has turned into a full-time job working with, and sometimes speaking for, honeybees.

You see, honeybees do only good.  They benefit that from which they take, and they have a very wide ripple effect of positive influence across their habitat.

More than 100 of our important healthy foods – our fruits, nuts, and vegetables – are dependent in varying degrees upon pollination by the noble honeybee.

All worker bees are female and they must visit 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey; therefore, with an annual honey production rate of more than 200 pounds per year, honeybees are visiting nearly half a billion flowers.

The bees’ cross pollination makes plants develop more viable and genetically diverse seeds, providing these individuals with a competitive advantage in relation to  their “weaker” neighbors.  All of the increased yields in fruits, nuts, and foods help to feed the birds and animals.

It has been rewarding being a beekeeper and working with bees.  I hope that in some small way I can help them to survive in this ever-modernizing world and changing climate.



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