Gourmet Snacking Made Simple: Goat Cheese Log with Pecans and Sourwood Honey

*Belle Chevre photo credit to Stephanie Schamban/Belle Chevre

Last weekend, we made an appetizer simply by rolling a goat cheese log (Belle Chevre goat cheese isĀ one of our favorites) in crushed pecans, spread it over a cracker, and drizzled each bite with Sourwood honey. It was delicious and people were blown away at the taste and the simplicity of the snack.


1 goat cheese log
1 cup chopped pecans
Any Savannah Bee Company honey (we used Sourwood)
Variety of crackers


It couldn’t be more simple! Unwrap your goat cheese log and place it on a plate of chopped pecans. Roll the log around until the outside is coated with pecans. Feel free to get creative! Add different nuts, seeds, herb, and dried fruit to your mix.

Arrange the pecan crusted goat cheese log on a beautiful plate with a variety of crackers. Top each cracker with cheese and Savannah Bee Company honey.

Sweet tip: Use our honey pump for simple, stick-free serving.

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