Foulness in the Bee Yard

photo (3)What is that STANK! Nope, it’s not foul-brood and your hive is as likely as not to be healthy. This time of year the roadsides light up with yellow as goldenrod blooms. These flowers provide a nectar source for the bees in the Fall period of the year but it comes with its cost – Stank Nastiness.

One of my favorite things about a beehive is the smell of the bees ripening honey. Usually it reminds me of yeasty bread rising and it actually makes my heart race as if stricken with love. But this current smell is something horrible. It smells like something died.

I’m sure novice beekeepers around this area are prying open the lids to their hives expecting to find a dying hive covered in small hive beetle larva. I’ve already received calls from beekeepers and we have had a number of The Bee Cause schools to contact us in fear that something was dreadfully wrong with their beehive, “it just has this terrible smell and it never has before. I think it is rotting…”. The bees don’t seem to mind it. Maybe they actually like it.

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