February 3, 2011

Hello! I hope everyone is making it through the winter with high spirits. In case you are one of our friends in the North, living out one snowstorm after another, I hope you are staying warm and have plenty of tea and honey (of course) on hand. We’ve got a couple of big things happening around Savannah Bee! For one, the red maple tips are showing and blooms are sure to follow soon. For me, this is the first sign of Spring. So far this year, we have gotten a few nice days here in Savannah and we’ve been able to go out and inspect our hives. Some did well, some not so well. Spring is my absolute favorite time of year and I am really looking forward to the buildup of blooms, the temperature, bees and bottling honey. It’s such a nice rhythm of promise and Spring can’t come soon enough. Last year was really poor for Tupelo and honeycomb and we are low on supplies of both.

With Spring comes LOTS of honey and we can’t wait. Just yesterday we received our new honey machinery. As of now, we are still hand bottling and capping every single bottle of honey that comes through the Savannah Bee warehouse. A new era has dawned and we are the proud owners of a 16 ft., conveyor belt style, pouring AND capping machine. It was a big process getting it unloaded off the semi-truck it came in and onto a flat-bed tow truck that drove into our warehouse. After we made it into the warehouse, it was a matter of getting it to the ground without damaging anything. My crew in the back, Wood, Jason, and Suzi did an awesome job, not to mention the help of our two truck drivers. Big group effort. Check out our Facebook page for photos!

What does this new machine mean for Savannah Bee? Increased efficiency. This machine is really going to help us stay ahead in what I am absolutely sure is going to be a standout year in Savannah Bee history.

Bee Well. I hear it from the red maples, Spring is coming!

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