Planning a Wedding?

Of the vast array of human ceremony and celebration, weddings must be the most beautiful! Nothing is more touching and significant than the open expression love and commitment to the sharing of life between two people.

While the end result is beauty beyond words, the planning of this great event can be difficult to manage. Let Savannah Bee Company help you with some of the many details of your event! We have created several fantastic bridesmaids gifts and wedding favor ideas, but you most certainly can create something unique and personal, too. We have everything you need to put together fabulous and classy gifts with very little trouble or fuss.

Maybe you have your gifts and favors already designed but are looking to add a little sweet Southern touch.  Savannah Bee Company 3-ounce jars of Tupelo, Savannah or Charleston honey are the perfect fit. (Other honey varietals also are available.) Our Beeswax Lip Balms are another option. All our products are available for sale in bulk quantity at a discounted price.

Savannah Bee Company is honored to be a part of your special day. Thank you for wanting to share our products with the most important people in your life — family and friends!

Examples of Wedding Favors and Bridesmaids gifts. Hover over image for sample description.


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Honey bulk orders: Orders of 48 or more jars of any size will receive 10% off the entire order and a flat $7.50 shipping rate.

Favors and gift sets: All materials for favors/gift sets are included but are not pre-assembled. Favors/gift sets are able to be customized and will vary in cost. Let us help you design the perfect favor or gift! All favors/gift set orders of 20 or more will receive 10% off the entire order and a flat shipping rate of $7.50.

Call the Savannah Bee web sales office at 912-503-2963 for more information or to place an order.

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