Meet Ted Dennard

Ted Dennard in the Tupelo Swamps

Ted Dennard in the Tupelo Swamps

You might not peg Ted as a 2010 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist at first glance. His tousled blonde hair, whimsically printed cotton shirt, and deeply worn cowboy boots might suggest adventurer, surfer, eco-warrior. Ted’s a blend of all of those titles, plus devoted husband, father of four, and incurable optimist, nicknamed “Fearless Leader” around Savannah Bee.

Beekeepers examining frame of honeycomb.

Ted Beekeeping in Jamaica

Ted grew up on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, and was first introduced to honey as a 12-year old boy. An elderly beekeeper named Roy Hightower offered young Ted an education in beekeeping, which opened his eyes to a world of magic and wonder that remains with him 30 years later.  For Ted, the love of bees is way of life. He kept bees in high school and college. He taught beekeeping to village farmers in Jamaica through the Peace Corps. He traveled to New Zealand, Vietnam, Ireland, and France to learn the native beekeeping practices.

Ted Holding Bees


For Ted, tasting honey is like a sommelier tasting wine:  his palate can discern the quality, origin, and the varietal of blossom.  Amid his busy schedule as full-time family man who runs a successful business, Ted makes time to educate the public on the magical world of the honeybee. He frequently can be found speaking at garden clubs, honey-themed dinners, Introductory Beekeeping seminars, or international beekeeping conferences.  In fact, education is incorporated into the Savannah Bee Company corporate mission not only as a means to share his passion, but as a contribution to the well-being of a species that enriches all life on Earth. See the Dennard Family featured in Savannah Magazine.

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